Andy Silky Digits Newman


What is Silky Digits?
Is it Smooth Fingers? His perception of modus operandi.
Is it something to do with the guitar? He has a voice he demands to be heard.
It is a journey, an exploration of union formed by decades of wonder?
Is it a discipline of dedication and love in a time of automation and vapidity?
He’d certainly like to think so.
Or maybe it is just a name.
Silky Digits is Andy Newman on any better day of the year.

The home and one stop location for all of English born, Western Australian raised, Melbourne based Andy “Silky Digits” Newman music, news and updates.


News & Things


  • Blues @ Whole lotta love April 4, 2017

    Blow off the dust, set back your clocks! It’s been too long!

    Anyway, the ever impressive Brendan Forward has invited me to come and help him out with his Sunday Residency down at Whole lotta love, so why the hell not!

    This guy can seriously play, he makes a guitar sing, beg, scream all in one song! I can’t wait to see this guy smash out some blues! (also so I can study his fingers and purloin his licks)

    Indeed!!! Sunday session at Whole Lotta Love!!!

    You love it you slaaaaaaggs!!

  • Loops November 18, 2016


    I do enjoy a good looping!.

    Those crazy lads down at Impact are at it again! and they’ve been good enough to get me to tag along for the ride.

    This is a evening full of loop artists and is sure to dish up more layers than an onion getting incepted, I only sporadically use my pedal from time to time, so I had better start working on a set list, anyway theres a link to the facebook event at the bottom, and one with a little snippet of “This must be the Place” at the top

    Can’t wait!!

    Also look at the freaking amazing art work by fellow troubadour Anthonie aka “nemo” aka “new$hoe$” Wilson, ever since I saw his stuff I wanted to be the subject to his artwork, incredible!!!
    He’s also a wicked Boss singer songerwriter check him out here

    Click Here for the event

  • Whole Lotta Love October 13, 2016

    Really looking forward to this weekend!

    Supporting local blues legends Cameron Holmes and Blues Dudes and The Broken Sweethears up the road at Whole Lotta Love, my first show in a while and it’s good to be back on familiar territory, always a blast playing at WLL, can’t wait, hopefully I haven’t got dusty digits :/

    AND then on Sunday 16/10, I’m playing out at the Spring Fling festival in North Melbourne.

    So I’ll be trying a few new tunes, but will probably wuss out and play the ones that are ingrained into my muscle memory.

    Get IN!!

  • interviews and the such September 12, 2016

    This here is a little vid of me playing my tune “Red Ruby” for my buddy Ben and offering a little “inside scoop” into the roots of Silky Digits musical styling.

    Thanks to young Ben Levitt for not making me look like a loser. Had to really think about my answers in this, first video interview, but practice makes perfect!

  • Hibernation June 19, 2016

    Yes, I have been pretty quiet lately. That’s what finishing off uni will do, so I haven’t been playing much.

    Never fear, the creative juices still flow!

    At the present, I have an idea for an EP for follow up to the Silky Digits album, let’s hope I can free up a bit of time and get a fresh stack of silky tunes by years end!!

  • Website is created June 18, 2016

    Yes indeedy, here it is, Silky’s very own website for all things Andy.